This is a classic spread for a relationship and is appropriate when you have disagreements with your partner.
7 cards are drawn from the querent to form two columns, each corresponding to one of the partners. The signifier refers to the focus of the problem.
Kings and queens are interpreted as people depending on which column they fall in, knights and pages are interpreted as usual.
If a card comes up in the draw whose gender is opposite to the gender of the column and the position it is in, it is to be interpreted as an attachment to another person. For example, you are a woman and you do the spread, the left column refers to you and a King of Pentacles comes up in it, it means you are temporarily attached to another person. Conversely, if a Queen of Cups comes up in the right column that refers to your partner, then your partner is currently attached to another woman. This is not to be taken as infidelity.
Same-sex cards are to be interpreted as good friends. For example, you are a man and in the left column comes out King of Clubs. This means you have a very good friend. Conversely, if a Queen of Cups comes out in the right column, then your partner has a very good friend.
The right column cards 2,3 and 4 are for the partner and the left column refers to the querent.